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"Guest WLAN is enabled for Self-Service only" message

New Contributor II
We have enabled self service on our guest network and we can no longer manually create guest passes. Is this the way it is supposed to work??? We want selfservice but we also need to create passes for longer visit, etc....

Esteemed Contributor II
I did some testing and can confirm that enabling GuestPass Self-Service will 1) remove all previous guest passes associated with the WLAN, and 2) not allow Guest Pass generation role users from being able to create Guest Passes, for that WLAN.

I found that if I defined a second Guest Access WLAN, not pointed to a service that had GuestPass Self-Service enabled, and expanded the Guest Admin role to include both WLANs, that the admin could create guest passes for the second Guest Access WLAN.

I documented this in KBA-5059, available after the next support site 6 hour KBA update cycle.

New Contributor II
So does that mean I have to deploy yet another SSID? Is this a bug or the way it is supposed to be.

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Good morning, 

We have a similar situation. We have guest-access self-service enabled on a VLAN. Our 'regular' visitors go through the registration process. 

However, we would of liked for our receptionist to be able to create guestpasses for 'VIP' guests.

Can we have guestpass generation by user roles enabled for a WLAN that is also self-service enabled?

Thank you

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bump for experiencing this issue on Unleashed