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need help selecting backhaul solution

New Contributor
HI there,
I am new to Ruckus and i have a customer that i think would greatly benefit from your equipment, but i just am not sure what product to use.
My customer is a small town that wants to put cameras in some locations that it just wouldnt be possible to pull cable to, so they need to be wireless. there are 3 general locations that the cameras will be going and they all have a line of sight to an existing water tower that is being used for other wifi applications and from there needs to be bounced to the local police station. they range from about 200 yards to almost a mile away from this water tower then the police station is about 400 yards from that. how do i do this??? any input would be greatly appreciated.

Valued Contributor II
Hello Larry,

Sound like a setup which has WORKED just right for lots of customers.

This may need ZD Managed outdoor AP(s) preffered ZF7762 or Indoor AP's with mesh ON and which model of AP to go for depends if cameras are inside the building or outside.

You would also need ZF7731 to backhaul camera traffic from location where meshing won't work back to central location

Just get in touch with your Local Ruckus Wireless reseller, this shall be a cakewalk for them