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is this possible to restart all zoneflex access points from controller?

New Contributor
i want to restart all zoneflex access points from controller dashboard. is this possible or is there anyway to do it?

New Contributor
We can reboot only one Ap at a time from web GUI but from the CLI mode of zone director we can reboot all the zoneflex access points using single command.

SSH in to the Zone Director's CLI using PUTTY application.

ruckus> en
ruckus# debug
ruckus(debug)# remote_ap_cli -A "reboot"

These commands will reboot all the AP's which are connected to Zone Director.

Valued Contributor II
I can't help but want to ask why you are trying to reboot all the access points? Is there some other underlying problem you're trying to solve?

Valued Contributor
Much better to explain need as per query from Keith above before trying this slightly non-intended feature use suggestion.

Have a look at Configure, Access Points, near bottom of page.
Set the "AP reboots if disconnected..." to 2min say then "apply" and unplug the network cable on your ZD and just wait a couple of mins and plug back in. You could check in the event/activities log that the APs had all restarted.
This assumes you can physically get to your ZD easily.

Don't forget to also change the "AP reboots..." to a more sensible number of minutes.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c40d135b77e24793ae43_ccbdefe9a2c2be51cff73bd35033f39a_APrebootonZDloss_inline-0f2e6bb9-1dc7-4486-a87b-f76f47f25f28-810346717.jpg1392204564

New Contributor

Hello Support Team. Does this solution work?

Is it possible to restart all my Ruckus APs at once?

Can I schedule them to restart once every 2 weeks?