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is possible to limit only 1/2 clients access on ZD1200 FW 10.3?

New Contributor II

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Douglas,

Do you want to limit the number of clients connecting to the SSID or AP?

The option is available on the Access Points >> Click on WLAN Group >> Model Specific >> Max clients allowed.

For the SSID Wireless LANs >> Advanced Option >> Max Clients. This is Max clients per AP radio to associate with the SSID.

Check out the below link for your reference.

Let me know if the requirement is something else.

New Contributor II
I'm referring limit number device/devices associating to SSID itself. Eg: Company A have 50 staff. Limit it only to 50 of company A laptops. No mobile device is allowed to access. Something like access control.   

Hi Douglas,

I believe the L2 ACL should do the job. You can create a L2 ACL with the list of client MAC which you want to allow and call it on the WLAN.
You can broadcast these SSIDs on the APs you want, which will allow only the clients listed.

Refer the below link for the MAC ACL configuration.

Thanks Sanjay. will give a try