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iPad reauthentication issue...

New Contributor
we have wi-fi setup at work using a zone director, and use guest access, with a hidden SSID, WPA-2 personal, and shared password. It is also setup so that the user must click on a terms and conditions page before using the Wi-Fi. This authentication expires after 8 hours.

Most of our devices have no issues, but most of our iPads seem to have this issue where, once they go to sleep, and the user turns the device on again, they have to re-authenticate every time.

Is there a way to prevent this behavior?


Thanks for sharing your findings. I can only test with an iPad since it's the only iThingy I have 🙂

New Contributor

There are several users are facing these kinds of issues as they may not handle the iPad in an appropriate manner. They can take any advice suggested by iTunes error 3194 that will be beneficial for them to overcome their issues.

New Contributor
If anyone is still experiencing this issue with older iPads (that still use 2.4ghz not 5ghz) what seems to have resolved the issue for me is changing the protection mode on the 2.4ghz radio settings from RTS/CTS to CTS OnlyImage_ images_messages_5f91c45d135b77e247a47d03_87ab9a0d4caff8e340766b9722589928_RackMultipart201912149885114ay-61308234-9864-4a09-bf76-cc3b49c84521-323192188.jpeg1576304724