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iOS Zero Activation Profiles give garbage

The Zero-IT Activation profiles for iOS have started delivering text garbage instead of Profiles. Inside the text garbage, the password for the network can be found between the word Password and the word Encryption on the bottom line, but this is not easy for most users.  Latest 9.3ZD software, and latest iOS as well.

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This is a documented issue affecting iOS 10.3 and higher and it appears High Sierra as well. This is an Apple issue and not Ruckus, though the developers are aware. The work around is to Authenticate using AD Creds in Portal then manually input the activation URL into Safari and run through the provisioning.

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Thanks, Philip, I have a large number of IOS devices along with Mac OS devices this method is not at all Zero IT instead it will require full IT support for all users. Is there another recommended setup that will work with all users. I know our guest networks are using captive portal/Web authentication and that lets all users authenticate via AD just fine. Or is there a setting on IOS and Mac OS devices that I could deploy via Group Policy and push to all users to allow them access. Such as developer mode and so on, thank you. 

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Has anyone hear if/when this will be addressed? I don't really want to go to every IOS 11 device we get to type in the password. 

I've turned off the Guest Network joining and set up a new WLAN Hotspot.  
 for joining and getting a DPSK...  Turn off the Apple CNA feature for Hotspot.Image_ images_messages_5f91c439135b77e2479c968c_6eef7fd20098fb5c42ee709125de7ed4_RackMultipart201808021231911n5-f04773e0-1071-4514-806b-87695642ac97-2084957295.PNG1533245096
Image_ images_messages_5f91c439135b77e2479c968c_6b0f03c263e846144450b8a493e69a28_RackMultipart201808021252041ro-3e8b892c-26ca-4144-9df8-e90d5cfa53bf-2072709470.PNG1533245196

Then, all my students get is the nasty Certificate Error, which I have no way of fixing that I can find.



Thanks!   I'll give this a try!