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how to setup two ruckus controller

New Contributor II
how to setup two ruckus controller with different number of license in one switch? I have ZD1200 (10) not configure yet. and ZD1100 (50) DHCP all AP's are in POE. What I need is to use the new controller with they same broadcast ZD1100 WLAN

Valued Contributor II
you need to configure on both controller - limited ZD discovery feature under Configure --> AP ---> access point policies so that AP's will stick to their respective controllers always. In the secondary controller field, put in both controllers
hope this helps. see the screenshot Image_ images_messages_5f91c43b135b77e2479d2d6a_153fe314215432a400721a4773a185d2_RackMultipart201803131137783gg-3f92fc36-759f-43fb-9ec7-5c27b980de22-409439667.PNG1520918471

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My current setup now is the same with your screenshot above. but for the new ZD 
I have a new problem now, after I change the ZD IP I cannot access the GUI thru web interface. showing that "certificate error".

Valued Contributor II
for the certificate error, you can make an exception and you shud be good to go...
am i missing something?

Contributor II
Hi Jee,

Even though it's possible, as Monnat states above, it's a solution that is a Bad SolutionTM.
You will have two controllers unaware of each other trying to make the best coverage, and once one controller changes a channel og TX power, the other will have to adjust, making and endless loop of channel adjustments.
You will at least have to register the AP's on the opposite controller as 'known rogue devices'.

You will also have to live with the fact that the ZD1100 will stay on old firmware, including the possible vulnerabilities that brings to some of your network.

That said, I would use another solution for setting this up:Make sure each controller is on a separete VLAN for the AP management.Make sure that VLAN is native/untagged on the ports for the AP's it has to manage.
Trunk/tag the VLAN you SSID is on to all AP's.
Then add the settings Monnet state above, just to be sure.

Hope it helps..