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how to access the zonedirector 1200 GUI?

New Contributor II
I can not access the interface of my zonedirector, please how?

Contributor II
So, basic TCP/IP troubleshooting would be great, and that you provide those details.
Does the IP ping?Are you on the right subnet?
What IP or you trying?Is there a DHCP server on the net, so it might have taken an IP from there?
If so, did you test the subnet for possible leases?
Just stating 'I can not connect..' in a forum like this, is, sorry to say, kind of a waste of peoples time.Be informative, and you will get top-level help.

New Contributor II
I reset but I can not access the interface by

Does it ping?

Valued Contributor II
what is the status LED saying ??what is the power LED saying??please make sure when you reset the ZD while it is powered on... make sure it is not connected to LAN...when you try to access the device on default IP, make sure your LAN card on laptop/desktop is in the same IP range?