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help with Option 43 discovery method

New Contributor II
I am attempting to configure my router to hand out Option 43 responses. I have attempted to configure it as i have with other vendors. I can verify from my packet captures that the response is being sent back as expected. the AP does not seem to understand the response.

I have attempted to packet capture the Option 43 from an 1100 ZD in attempt to find my formatting mistakes but cannot seem to capture any ACK that include an option 43 response even though this is checked in the controller.

Please assist in the formatting of the option 43 response. I use Mikrotik routers for my dhcp server. if direct examples for this vendor are not possible please provide a packet capture of the DHCP conversation that includes the appropriate response.


Valued Contributor II
This is a wild swing as this is not my area of expertise, but we do have an open bug where we don't always return "Ruckus CPE" on DHCP option 60 and so if you are relying on that, you might try looking for just "Ruckus" instead. It's fixed in 9.7.0 and upcoming 9.6.2 releases.

I guest it's a good idea to update your documentation folks, ZoneDirector User guide page 33 Option #2.

New Contributor II
Thank you for the reply

I did look at that post describing that bug as well.

I am not having trouble offering the Option from my dhcp server. To be clear my router allows me to send the option back regardless of Option 60. I am having trouble formatting the response. I did however find it odd that the ZD1100(ruckus) did not offer the option in its dhcp ACK. I attempted to capture the ACK message in order to find my formatting error. however upon inspection of the packet the Option 43 portion is missing from the response. it must be falling back on some sort of L2 discovery or DNS entry.

1. Can someone explain how i can force the Zone director to send a formatted DHCP ack that includes option 43.

2. can someone provide a DHCP ACK that includes the appropriately formatted option 43 response with notation include the value passed to WAP