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debug log Ruckus VSZ-H

New Contributor
I am working with Ruckus Virtual Smartzone Highscale version and some R500 AP. Is it posible if I want to debug the VSZ-H so I can know what happen in there in real time?
Thank you.

Same question - where are the vsz logs in the web gui or via ssh?   

or is the only options for seeing the vsz logs :  using syslog or downloading the tar.gz log files (both of which require lots of extra steps to see the vsz logs).


New Contributor III
Hi Sriwijaya Air NOC,

To debug the vSZ live the debug logs can be downloaded from Diagnostics>>Application Logs. 

There are many services involved, if you are aware of these services and what they do then you can proceed to download these logs. 

To troubleshoot any system related issues, event logs are the starting point which would narrow down your search and then checking the following process System, Core, Communicator and Configurer would help in giving more information.

To troubleshoot any authentication issue that in radius authentication or HS then RadiusProxy, SubscriberPortal, and SubscriberManagement are the process that I would look into which would give more information, additionally I would increase the debug levels to find the RCA.

To debug AP issues and client connectivity issues, Events under Access Points are the place to start with then AP Support info, which can be downloaded  can give you more insights. 

SSH into AP and run "get syslog log" to get live logs. 

If you ever run into any issues on vSZ/AP please download AP support info snapshot logs with issue symptoms with time of occurrence and frequency. 

Thank you.

Abilash PR.