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can not access devices on network through wireless but can wired

New Contributor
There are no vlans, very basic network setup but when connected to wireless I cannot access my AV devices. When I am hard wired I can. I checked DNS settings and all is good. I have 4 Zone Flex 7351's and a Zone Director 1100.

Valued Contributor II
Hi Nathan,

This could be a few different things...and the description isn't complete so here's some things to check:

Are you on the same WLAN/channel - check the 2.4 and 5ghz connections/MAC addresses
Remove any encryption and put everything on an open wlan (temp)
Turn off one of the radios (only 5Ghz if anything in the mix is 2.4-only)
Turn off client isolation
Remove any ACLs
Can you connect to AV devices via something other than their GUI (can you ping, SSH, telnet, etc?)

things that will help narrow it down:

Version of ZoneFlex
Basic description of network config and topology
What client you are testing with (PC?)
Do you have client isolation enabled?
Did this ever work?
What kind of AV devices
Have you changed anything via CLI or "advanced" settings?
How is IP addressing provided? By what device?
Do the Av devices have any network diagnostics?

New Contributor
Software Version build 15
I am using a Fortinet 60C Router and Vlan 1 all other Vlans are disabled.
The DHCP range is 110-199 everything else is static.
I am using a Windows 7 machine and cannot ping the devices when on the wireless.
Client isolation is disabled.
I have the same setup at several other clients and works great.
There is a Lutron lighting system with a crestron control system.
No advanced settings have been changed

Valued Contributor II
Ah...having only 1 VLAN isn't quite the same as "no vlans" and that's where I suspect the issue lies - some devices are likely tagging and others are not. (I'm not aware of any other known issues that apply).

If you search our KB for "vlan" you'll find some recommendations.