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ZoneDirector’s Smart Redundancy Licensing

New Contributor II
I'm reviewing the ZD11xx_User_Guide_9.3.pdf and it states the following regarding Licensing requirements for ZoneDirector’s Smart Redundancy configuration:

This feature is only available using two ZoneDirectors of the same model and number
of licensed APs.

If I purchased 2 x "ZoneDirector 1100, licensed for up to 6 ZoneFlex Access Points" and then I want to upgrade the AP could to 50, would I need to purchase 1 x or 2 x "ZoneDirector 1100 License Upgrade from supporting 25 to supporting 50 ZoneFlex Access Points" to use the Smart Redundancy feature?

I don't think it makes a different but the APs I'm looking at R510s.


Valued Contributor II
Ruckus R510 will NOT work with ZD1100... You need to either change the AP model to R500 which will work with ZD1106 or go for latest controller in the same family ZD1205 which will support R510..

Sorry I meant to say H510.

ok no problem
H500 too will work only with ZD1205 so in your case ZD1106 is out...
plan with ZD1205

Valued Contributor II
Also Licensing for AP is different in both controllers'''...
postive side of going with ZD1205 is that you can increase AP on a per AP basis where as on ZD1106, licensing goes like 6 to 12, 12 to 15 which can be costly if you are just adding few AP''s...
if its a new install then anway you would buy anyway ZD1205