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ZoneDirector DHCP Discovery

Contributor III

to discover my ZoneDirector's i decided to use my DHCP to provision my APs.

I tried to unterstand the ZoneDirector User Guide (Version 9.8) and configured following Settings:
- Define Vendor Classes "RuckusWirelessAP" and wrote "Ruckus CPE" in the ASCII field
- Open "Set Predefined Options...", choose my prevously created Class and add a sub-option.

Here ist my question:
What kind of "Data type" should i use?

I cant find any Information in the User Guide and i tried several Types without Success.

Please help.

Best Regards

Esteemed Contributor II
If the goal is to use your DHCP server to provide IP address to your APs and
point them to the ZoneDirector, it is Option 43 that you need to configure with
the IP address of your ZD. Configuration is different per DHCP server. What
kind of DHCP server do you employ?

Hi Michael,

I have the same scenario with the Marco do have configuration on Efficient DHCP server ( Solid Server ) for option 43 ? and do I need a vendor specification as well.

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Contributor III
Hi Michael,

yes, i want to provide my two ZD IPs (Primary + Backup) to my APs over DHCP. I think this is the best option. If not, please clarify.
My DHCP Server ist a Microsoft DHCP on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard.

Yes, your right. Option 43 works fine.
Unfortunatelly, every DHCP Client will receive this Option. Additionally the ZoneDirector User Guide says: "Ruckus Wireless recommends using vendor class option spaces - especially when you have more than one vendor type on the network..."

So if Ruckus recommends i tried to use to work with Vedor Class Option.
But i dont know how to configure this probably.


Esteemed Contributor II
Hello, I understand the request now, DHCP config on MS to point APs to two ZD IP addresses.

Marco, Data Type should be "binary", not "string".

Yes, Ruckus APs have an Option 60 in their DHCP request, identifying them as "Ruckus CPE",
and APs look for Option 43 in DHCP offer, using sub-option 03 for ZDs, sub-option 06 to point APs to SZ controllers.

Here are a couple KBAs on the subject, one with MS example scope option shot.

Another feasible alternative is DNS, you can setup a 'zonedirector.localdomain' hostname (use your local domain)
with the two IP addresses of your ZoneDirectors.

APs will search for last known ZDs or manually configured, L3 discovery of any local ZD, DHCP option 43, or DNS to find their controllers.
(in that order)

If you SSH directly to your APs, you can manually configure their intended ZoneDirector(s), with up to two IPs.

   set  director  ip  a.b.c.d  a.b.c.e