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ZoneDirector 1100 unresponsive, WIFI down

I shutdown my ZD1100 last night in order to move some power cables to a different PDU in my rack. When I restored power, it did not boot properly, and WIFI is down. I've power cycled it a couple times, including moving it back to its original PDU, but it doesn't respond to a ping and the Status light is off, although the Power light and the NIC LED's are on.
What does no Status light mean?

New Contributor III
go to this artical and see if this helps you.

Thanks for your help. Which article? Looks like you missed adding a link.

Valued Contributor II
Sorry to hear about your troubles -- It sounds like your ZD is in Rescue mode. Here's a document describing the recovery procedure: Zone Director 1100 Rescue Mode - Ruckus Support

Basically, it's plugging in an ethernet cable to the second ethernet port then pointing your browser at

From there, it will only accept a specific sequence of upgrades. Having gone through this procedure twice, the sequence that I've found for the minimum number of jumps is: -> -> -> 9.9

Awesome. This is somewhat different than what Support had me try on Saturday. I'll try this this morning yet.