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Zone Director interface configuration tips

New Contributor
Can anyone please help me to allow interface configuration of a ZD300 for 2 subnets.
I wish to use a 192.168.x.x subnet for AP management and a 10.10.x.x subnet to be able to access the controller remotely. I have read through the config guide and done what is suggests (the example is pretty ordinary in the guide) its not working still. Any tips would be appreaciated

Contributor III
The simplest thing to do is to put the "first" interface of the ZD3000 in the same subnet as your AP's management addresses.
In my case I connected the ZD3000 to a trunked/tagged interface, and (under Device IP Settings) set the ZD3000's "Access VLAN" to the VLAN that contained the AP's managemet IPs.
An even simpler (and more recommended) approach would be to leave the switch_port configured as an access port in your AP VLAN, and configure the ZD3000 for Access_VLAN:1

I didn't bother configuring the "Management Interface" section of the ZD3000.
I use the first ethernet port (the one on the left where it says "10/100/1000") for everything.
If you want to use that interface to manage the ZD3000 itself (and nothing else) tick the "enable Management Interface box" and leave the "default gateway" box unticked.
You've got the same decision to make re: connecting it to a trunked/tagged switch port, or to an access port.

Next, to allow your APs to find the ZD3000 (in the simplest way) you should attach them to switch-ports that are trunked/tagged, with their native VLANs set to the VLAN that contains their management IPs.
Each trunk port should also allow VLANs/tags for the VLANs that will carry your user's wireless traffic.
DHCP should be served on the AP management VLAN as well as all of the user/wireless VLANS.

In my case, I use a centralized DHCP server for this.
There are options to have the ZD3000 serve DHCP.

Does that make sense, and...
Is that what you were looking for?