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Zone Director 1200 Not Connected Web İnterface

New Contributor III

I can not access the device 's web interface .
I need to reboot my reach .
After a while, it lost access happening again . The upper status LED flashes red . Then simultaneous wireless connections are breaking and coming back. Best regards

New Contributor III
The problem was solved by making the product activation
I thank you all respect

New Contributor III
I see the following error when I investigated logs

Zone Director 1200 error logs.

2015/09/21  10:00:47Yüksek System is recovered from failure2015/09/21  07:48:16Yüksek System is recovered from failure2015/09/21  06:08:54Yüksek System is recovered from failure2015/09/21  04:29:34Yüksek System is recovered from failure2015/09/21  03:56:27Yüksek System is recovered from failure

Valued Contributor II
firstly, take the debug file out...send it to support for review.
I see from logs that controller is kind recovering from crash every one hour...
Can you please for testing remove the controller from network and see if the crashes/failures stop because sometimes something (malformed packet) coming from the network or AP or user fails it...

if it is really network triggered then you should be able to figure it out in an hour or so...

if it continues, just hard reset the controller, start from scratch...keep the backup file handy BUT i would recommend not to use it in your you may got wrong configuration which is causing this issue...

New Contributor III
Hi Monnat;
Thank you for your help. I am sending log records.
There are delays in ping times. However, no packet loss. ZD 1200 CPU utilization 50%

Valued Contributor II
HI Ferdi,

i can't open debug file so you need to open a case with support. Having said this i did open the syslogs and noticed the following:

    Line 16508: Sep 20 19:18:37 IC_ENERJI init: process '/bin/rhttpd' (pid 13671) exited. Scheduling for restart.
    Line 16938: Sep 20 19:50:59 IC_ENERJI init: process '/bin/clusterD' (pid 14477) exited. Scheduling for restart.
    Line 16969: Sep 20 19:51:44 IC_ENERJI init: process '/bin/rhttpd' (pid 14902) exited. Scheduling for restart.
    Line 17400: Sep 20 20:24:06 IC_ENERJI init: process '/bin/clusterD' (pid 15733) exited. Scheduling for restart.
    Line 17431: Sep 20 20:24:50 IC_ENERJI init: process '/bin/rhttpd' (pid 16131) exited. Scheduling for restart.
    Line 17870: Sep 20 20:57:13 IC_ENERJI init: process '/bin/clusterD' (pid 17016) exited. Scheduling for restart.
    Line 17901: Sep 20 20:57:57 IC_ENERJI init: process '/bin/rhttpd' (pid 17381) exited. Scheduling for restart.
    Line 18332: Sep 20 21:30:19 IC_ENERJI init: process '/bin/clusterD' (pid 18243) exited. Scheduling for restart.
    Line 18363: Sep 20 21:31:03 IC_ENERJI init: process '/bin/rhttpd' (pid 18611) exited. Scheduling for restart.
    Line 18800: Sep 20 22:03:25 IC_ENERJI init: process '/bin/clusterD' (pid 19487) exited. Scheduling for restart.