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Zero-IT issu in Windows 7, Android and IOS

New Contributor II
i have ZD1100 with Zero-IT configured in a hidden WLAN, and another WLAN for provisioning, i found 3 problems:

- in windows 7, after installing the "prov.exe" the wireless card not disconnecting from the provisioning WLAN and connect automaticly to the hidden WLAN as expected but the hidden SSID become visible, so connecting manualy is required and the client dont appreciate it. how can we make the process automatic ?

-for Android i install the "prov.apk" but when i click on the connect botton in the app return this error messege "wlans are not in range" and no wlan shown in the SSID list in android

- And IOS also can't connect to hidden WLAN automaticly, but is visible

Thank you.

Valued Contributor II
What version of ZoneFlex is running on your ZD?

New Contributor II
Thank you for the reply
My ZD version, when I check the update from the controller is the latest

Valued Contributor II
Er..yeah..that "Check for Updates" feature is broken in several ways (in your version..just broken)

9.6.1 or 9.5.3 are the current latest versions, but an upgrade won't fix everything.

IOS - Apple changed security policies preventing the client from switching WLANs. We're not sure yet we can correct for this.

Android - that may be an Android version issue - what OS version on those clients?

Windows 7 - checking...

New Contributor II
My android version 4.1.1
For the firmware update 9.6.1 is not present in the download page of ZD1100
How can I get it ?