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ZD3000 web authentification best practice

New Contributor III

I am using a ZD3000 with multiple R700 to deploy WiFi to large public events, I would like to ask each client to enter some data and store those for later reporting.

More specific, I want the user to enter their name, address, email and phone number ( validate this with a SMS by using a gateway ), after those steps are completed the user should have wifi access. I looked into Guest Access and doesn't seems to be what I need because the user cannot self register and I am not sure how to retrieve the data for reporting.

The other option was Web Authentication or WISPr but at this point it is not clear to me. I would like to use a MySQL server to store the users information so they can easily be exported into any format.

At this point I don't really know the direction to follow and research, any advice would be really helpful.

Thanks !