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ZD1200 upgrade failed

New Contributor III
ZD1200 upgrade failed. We tryed to upgrade a ZD1200 from FW version to the latest 10.x version. without any luck. What we see is that the ZD shows the screen that the FW is uploading till it reaches 100% but after it reboots it still shows the 9.x FW version. Meaning the upgrade was not succesfull. We do not get any errors or whatso ever. 

any ideas on what the issue can be. A support entitlement is present. We factory defaulted the ZD also no luck upgrading it to a later version 

Recently I have had upgraded my SZ cluster. I have seen some unexpected infos on screen during the process & had some stress untill it finished up. The surprize for engeneers & convoluted documentations are constant signature features of RUCKUS on my opinion.
So I think the reason may be in insufficient RAM or credencials specificities and you can try to upgrade whole the image by flash from USB port if it possible. Please sighn if it works course I II have to try the same soon...

Hi Alexy, if you gather your details, please open a new question under the SmartZone and Virtual SmartZone category,
and maybe some SZ experts there can offer further advice:

New Contributor III
Hey guy's,
It seems the ZD has some hardware faults wich results in failing to upgrade. ruckus support is now looking into this issue. I guess it will be a replacement of hardware. Thx for all the feedback. 

Thanks Said, it almost HAD to be the box after all you've tried...