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ZD1200 can not apply access control and rate limit for a WLAN

New Contributor
WLAN configuration > Advanced options > Rate Limit
I can not select Rate Limit from list and apply it for WLAN configuration.

WLAN configuration > Advanced options > Access Control
Also I can not select any of created Access Controls and apply it for WLAN configuration.

Please, help me to resolve this troubles.

Licensed APs5
Version9.9.0.0 build 216

My network diagram is next:
1. a router with two local networks (first LAN for zone director, access points and private WLAN, second - tagged VLAN for guest WLAN)
2. a switch that is receiving all network from the router trhough a trunk port
3. zone director 1200 only receives an untag LAN from the switch
4. ruckus r300 is receives untagged LAN and tagged VLAN from port of the switch.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Yevhen,

Did you try the same by accessing the ZD on different browsers ?

Anusha Vemula

New Contributor
Thank you, using chromium help me (before use firefox).