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ZD1200 Solid Green lights but dead - 3 different instances this week

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So I am a tech for a system integration company that primarily uses Ruckus in all of our installs.  I have had 3 calls this week about wifi down and each of them was the same result.  ZD1200 appears to have completely died.  All lights are solid green, even on a fresh reboot (never see the red status light at all even while booting).  None of the units respond to ping, ssh, console...nothing.  I found it very odd the first time I saw it since I have never seen this issue in 15 years of servicing, but to see it 3 times now this week has me very concerned.  Not sure what to do next or even what to tell the clients?  Do I have 3 randomly bricked ZD1200s in a week?

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Beginning of this thread was about problems with warranty support in Russia, which are the same for all vendors because of limiting import regulations. So in Russia you probably should use only Unleashed, no ZS1200 -- as it seems clear enough that ZD1200 will be EOL in some near future, and why you want you additional device, which can make problems to you, and which you actually don't need?

APs itself are extra reliable, and it doesn't matter that you can't use life-time warranty in Russia - I had just a few  replacement in 15 years, which makes it much lower than 0.1% failures.

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ZD1200 has a battery in it. 

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Thanks for the responses!

Many small project don’t have redundant zone directors. Not every project has a support contract. This one I inherited doesn’t have either. This site is over 7 years old so unleashed was probably not an option, yet is the best now. 

I agree, I didn’t like the single point of failure, unlike other brands where the wifi won’t go down without the controller. Or the other solutions here that auto heal. I did find that while Unleashed will switch to another if the master fails, the wifi goes down while switching, a small problem. Doesn’t seem to happen on another brand I’ve worked with. 

I didn’t know the zone directors have a lifetime warranty lol. Guess I will call them today….. That will probably take weeks. 

I was curious about the symptoms of different failures as this one has no signs of life except green LEDs. No beep, no-cli response. It did start up a few times before complete failure, so may be a flash issue. 

I found out switching to Unleashed gains some features and loses some features. Most notably Unleashed has cloud access and an app, yet WPA3 is not in Unleashed unlike recent ZD firmware. Any other comments on ZD vs Unleashed? Other than the security issue with cloud access.   

I haven’t explored the other options as the others require purchases, not available in a pinch and this is a small low budget site.


@chris_borderit Mine died last Tuesday, opened a support case and received a new unit this morning. Excellent service for an eight year old piece of kit without a support contract on it. The whole support process has been refreshingly excellent, wish other vendors were half as helpful.

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Nope, these guys are horrible, among the worst for RMA. Ubiquiti and netgear, no problem. These guys are a joke. They hassle me while I wait for another department for a response. 

Unless you pay them for an 8 year piece of kit, they won't move anything forward. They also require return before shipping a replacement, unless you have been paying more than the unit is worth for 8 years.

Then proof of purchase for an 8 year old device with lifetime warranty, that had support on it for years, so it's registered.

Pulling it all out and putting in Ubiquiti after this fiasco, don't buy Duckus Commspoop.