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ZD1200 Latest Firmware (9.13) - Setup Wizard can't get past Management IP

New Contributor III
New ZD1200. I believe it had 9.10 or 9.9 on it. Setup Wizard worked fine. Got on our network, downloaded the latest firmware, upgraded it (it lost its configuration - not a big deal), but now it won't get past the Management IP in the Setup Wizard.

I've opened up a ticket with Ruckus, but that may take a while, and I was hoping maybe somebody else has come across this issue and found a resolution.


Esteemed Contributor II
      If you have a good power adapter (might want to swap to test), use a paperclip to press
the indented RESET button on the left of front panel Eth ports, for 8+ seconds before release.

ZD1200 latest User Guide:

     When defaulted, the ZD will have IP address, with admin/admin login.  If you
get this far, are you able to configure other things?  Try FF/Chrome, over Edge/Safari browser.