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ZD1106 not retaining configuration and cannot upgrade firmware

New Contributor II

I have a couple ZD1106 that are exhibiting the same behavior. It will not save it's configuration, and after every reboot it is factory defaulted. Additionally, I am unable to upgrade the firmware. It starts to upgrade, the lights look like a normal upgrade, but it never completes (waiting 12 hours once). Cannot access web or ssh on the ZD, and the only way to get back in is to reset it, in which it is factory defaulted again.

Any ideas?


Esteemed Contributor II
Hello David, you won't be able to Telnet (tcp:23) to ZD, but does SSH (tcp:22) work?
If so, you login with your admin credentials.

Good that you can open a browser session, and do not see Rescue Mode screen.

What version is the ZD1100 running now?

It appears you are pointing to the upgrade image? Release Notes say it
should upgrade from ok.

If you initiate the upgrade, start a continuous ping to the ZD's IP address and watch
the Status LED along with the upgrade screen.

ZD1100 may perform the upgrade and reboot successfully without taking you back
to the login screen. But if you see the continuous pings fail and see the LEDs go
from flashing red, to blank, to green, then the ZD upgrade may have completed ok.

Try opening/refreshing a browser session and check version on Dashboard, System
Overview. But be patient, as the ZD1100 could take up to 20 minutes to upgrade.