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ZD1100 unreachable

New Contributor
We had a total network hickup this afternoon. After resetting all devices (router, main switch, ZD & modem) all was running nice again, except the WLAN did not came online: the status LED on the ZD1100 stayed blinking red and the webadmin was unreachable (time-out). The AP's are up and running can can be reached on their web interface individually.
Suggestions? Hard reset only possibility?

Esteemed Contributor II
Don't hard reset your ZD unless you have a backup configuration that you can restore onto it. I would suggest a power cycle first, and watch the status LED.

After blinking red when booting up, it should eventually go green, when the OS
is fully loaded and running. Run a continuous ping while waiting and be patient.
Hope your ZD will come back into service following the power cycle reboot.

Valued Contributor II
Hi Skip,

If ZD1100 stayed blinking red means that controller is having some hiccups or is failing to boot.

Please confirm which version was the controller running.

Also currently AP's are working on a standalone mode. correct?

Valued Contributor II
If it stays in the blinky red state, it might be worth hooking it up to a machine with a static 192.168.0.x/ IP, and seeing if it's in rescue mode at I've unfortunately fallen victim to this once after a power outage. Since then, I've not had it happen again, but my ZD took the rescue FDISK procedure to bring it back online.

So far, I've been able to write it off as a one-time quirk, but the symptoms do resemble yours. I had the power to the building be cycled, which resulted in a hard shutdown to the ZD1100. Afterwards, it stayed in blinky red mode.

New Contributor
hard reset is not working either: stays blinking red and it's not to be found on either...
I'm not sure which version it was running anymore, can't check it on the device and it's not registered elsewhere. AP's are connected on standalone ip's and I can still find them on the network