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ZD1100 When I login, browser say: no safe connection possible, http:// jumps to https://

New Contributor II
I have a ZD1100, which after a power failure wouldn't boot. It seems to be looping for hours. I ended to FDISK memory. The memory I cleared before with DISKPART\clean. 
The original memory I used. 

During upgrading in FDISK menu ( power failed again. 
Now I cannot login anymore with a browser. DHCP Client is working so it gets an IP address. Status LED flashes Green.

When I login with http:// > it returns with https:// > and the message that there is no safe connection possible. It suggest that the website is using wrong TLS security settings. 
I am using Windows 10 with Edge. But also every other browser won't work. I used Windows 7 with IE, Firefox, Chrome, and so on. Nothing is getting a working connection.

Chrome tells: This site can’t provide a secure connection.

uses an unsupported protocol.


Details: Unsupported protocol
The client and server don't support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite.

How to get this working? 

PS. now I read that I can use WinXP or so, so I will try that. But what about the http:// to https:// jump? 

Regards, Adri

Contributor II
Hi Adri,

I do not know exactly what you did there.
but this problem should be solvable.
try with an old windows, eg win xp.
maybe al virtual pc, and try to install a newer firmware.
then it would have to go with the win10

Esteemed Contributor II

   Change Power Adapter to the ZD.  They use the same as most legacy Ruckus APs.
I've seen similar problems reported.  Connect the new power supply, then press the ZD
power button and watch the Status LED.  You might wish to ping the ZD's IP address
from a workstation, but don't try to WebUI in, just because you see replies.  Let the ZD
boot for a good 4-5 minutes, wait a minute after you see solid green LED, then try the
WebUI with your browser and see if you get a Login prompt? 

    Looking forward to your next status. Does it ever get to solid Green Status LED?  Can
you try accessing with other than Win10 if it does? 

Status LED keeps flashing. Supply is exchanged already. I've seen it at ZD's before 😉 I will post any progress.

New Contributor II
Hi Thomas,

I know, maybe I went to far with this.. I will try XP tomorrow.