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ZD1100 Firmware build 101

New Contributor II

Has anyone had issues with this release. I have had to RMA one of my ZD units as it wont boot up anymore and is showing garbage on the serial port. My other unit did something similar and hung but after a few reboots it came back online. As I didn't have the money to upgrade to have a redundancy ZD I am stuffed now till the new unit comes as I didn't get round to enabling Autonomous networking.

Valued Contributor II
I had a unit on fail to power on after a power outage with similar symptoms, and it took a lot of work (an afternoon of hard resetting it in various ways) to get it to be FDISKable and be able to restore it. Since then, it has not happened again.

I assumed my failure was due to the power outage and have started putting my ZD on power backup.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hardware problems are quite rare, and power cycle should recover most issues, but Simon, your RMA ZD does sound like a possible corrupt flash or disk. John, your power failure during an upgrade/downgrade can have a similar effect, but good to know that you were able to bring it back. Contact Tech Support if things are really stuck (as RMA might be necessary).

New Contributor
We went from 9.6 to this build 10 and our provisioning network (for zero-it setup) no longer works. You get the login page, but when you successfully log in you just get redirected to the login page.

Interestingly, it still works OK if connected to our guest or employee network. Troubleshooting now.

Edit: And here is where is issue is known and discussed: