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ZD Remote Control (Android) 1.2 is now available in the Google Store!

This release includes the following features and is available on Google Play here:

Adds the ability to view the spectrum seen by Ruckus Access Point’s radios, visualized as a FFT, CDF or Spectrogram. Now from your Android phone or tablet you can look for interferers or noise.

Also included:

- Large view of Spectrum graph
- Support login via FQDN
- Support for larger screen sizes including Nexus 7’s
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

New Contributor III
This app is force closing when I attempt to log in. Tried clearing cache and data, reinstalled too. Moto G on 4.4.3

Edit: Also force closing at the same spot on a Nexus 4.

New Contributor
Hi Steven,

Thanks for your feedback.
Can you provide more details.
1. What is Nexus 4 Android version?
2. Please check if your ZD is reachable but in any case even if ZD is not reachable you should get error message not force close. If you are getting error message, it will help us analyse the problem if you can tell us what it is.

Thanks once again for trying out ZDRemote and I will be more than happy to help resolve issue.

New Contributor III
The ZD5000 is available via a web browser from the mobile device. And the Nexus 4 is running 4.4.4. Just to clarify, I have tested with two different phones running slightly different versions of Android and both force close when attempting to login.

New Contributor
Thanks Steven. That extra info about running it with ZD 5K helped us. We will update you shortly with a fix.