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ZD Memory utilizaton gradually increased

New Contributor II
Hi, In our ZD memory utilization has gradually increased ...

After reach the memory peak high utilization around like as 65% to 70% .. after that FM is loss the managment synchronzation with that particular ZD...

herewith i have given some input for your reference for providing us the solution

ZD model: ZD5100-00
ZD Firmwareversion: build 50
ZD Liciensed AP's:10000
Total AP configured count on this ZD: 650
Total connected customer on this ZD: Average 100 client.
FM firmware:

Valued Contributor II
Hi Bala,

For these types of issues, it's best to always open a support-case. The forums should be used mainly for best-practice or interoperability issues where the experience of your peers can best be leveraged.

This sounds like a memory leak, an so will require detailed analysis of your log files, etc. That's not something we can do here.