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ZD ACL Whitelist new entries not able to connect

New Contributor III


We have a WLAN configured with a Whitelist ACL which has been working great.

Lately, we found that new entries to the Whitelist are not able to connect to the WLAN SSID.  The old devices already entered can connect without issues though.

We've tried removing some entries thinking that we might have hit a limit but problem still persists.

Any idea why this is happening?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


Hi Syamantak,

We already created a case regarding this issue.

Case ID : 01354305

Regarding on your inquires about the ZD version. We are using v. build 362 with AP model R600. 

We tried to create a new ACL profile with only one(1) new device added. But the issue still persist.  On our old ACL profile. We currently have 110 users.