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ZD 3250 & ZD3100 redudancy

New Contributor
Is it possible to put ZD3250 & ZD3100 into redundant pair?
Right now each ZD used build 322 firmware.
I want to upgrade it into the latest firmware version (as compatible with existing AP type).
I'm also want to buy redudancy license, but I'm curious is it possible to do that in these type of ZD pair?
Because as i know, smart redudancy require same type of firmware & license.
The ZD 3250 is only capable to handle 250 AP, while the ZD 3100 only capable to handle 100.
I have a plan to upgrade the license into <500.
Please advice.

Thank you.

Valued Contributor II


you can do it, of cause.

Smart redundancy in previouse versions required identical model and license size for both ZD. So up to 9.8 it works this way:

 When you'll  buy and register RDY support for ZD3100,  you'll get for it free additional 150 licences to make size identical, than you can create redundant pair. If you need additional licences, than you have to add them to main ZD. This still works when you upgrade to  9.9 or 9.10.

Question is about licences on backup ZD -- you have 100 and in version 9.9 you can reuse it probably.

From 9.9 release  you can pool licenses from both ZD. On ZD1200 it works this way. Procedure to register for redundancy ZD3000 is different, but I see that ZD3000 in pair now shows double license q-ty in dashboard after upgarde to 9.9. I suppose you must be able to reuse all your 100 licences on backup ZD, but I haven't tested it actually yet. You have to check with Ruckus support, they obviously can help with this.