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ZD 1200 System settings and Event logs disappear

New Contributor

Dear all,


    A few days ago, I configured  2xZD1200 system settings( name, IP addresses,mgmt interface,vlan, etc...) and done smart redundancy as well. And today when I log in to ZD, I see no data in system settings and cannot view events, logs tabs too. It keeps showing me "loading" status and cannot see any event/logs.The strange thing is all APs association, WLAN configurations are working properly and I can seamlessly login to both ZD with pre-configured IP addresses and mgmt VLAN.I am newbiee to Ruckus and please help me guys.

Image_ images_messages_61383faad4dae759a2b1b49f_228c0e0cde81f6ec04610d315a7a313c_ScreenShot20210908at11.11.19AM-2c8b233e-b60e-4151-bb47-0b7d00d6e6ff-1996475830.png
Image_ images_messages_61383faad4dae759a2b1b49f_e388b9e4fc18859a488a6ed9ccf2acfa_ScreenShot20210908at11.11.09AM-74365647-1eb4-4c89-bd3b-e16b90a50931-253665495.png
Image_ images_messages_61383faad4dae759a2b1b49f_187ef8dd1089253683793dc17d8fa5d4_ScreenShot20210908at11.10.58AM-61b5fe73-585d-4bf8-93a6-fc55cbfd6877-313207598.png
Image_ images_messages_61383faad4dae759a2b1b49f_d79660b58dfe849a31c07d1fb0da02f4_ScreenShot20210908at11.10.43AM-ae0b5fc1-a3b6-4fde-bfa2-eb8f69b4087a-2096398254.png
Image_ images_messages_61383faad4dae759a2b1b49f_afaab310debf5c418fd11fb2c1529290_ScreenShot20210908at11.10.34AM-a49ef8e5-3a5a-4cc1-80ef-1730d6ec18bf-1241091600.png

New Contributor

I have the same problem too, restart both controller cannot solve the problem. I also try to upgrade the firmware but it do nothing after "check" the image file. It seems that the data cannot be loaded to the web interface because I can find the data via ssh login.
My firmware version is build 257.



It seems that is the browser problem. It happen in Chrome and Edge browser but it works normally in Firefox browser. 


Thanks for your tip, mate. I will try with other browsers and let you know.

Thanks for the tip, using Firefox worked for me.