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ZD 1200 DHCP server configuration for Guest WiFi

New Contributor II

   Presently  we have two SSID

                1) Admin VLAN 80 : (Dhcp ip from Core sw)

                2) Guest 120  : (Dhcp ip from core Sw)


                AP management ip VLAN1 (Native) : (Dhcp from core sw)


Due to the security reasons ,we  are planning to change the Guest SSID dhcp ip  from ZD. When I try to configure  recommending to change the network management range ( 

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e7135b77e2478d9012_e9bb8fa9b173aa04c3b3d0e343687952_RackMultipart2017082711638314s-f3874f8b-0671-47e0-aa85-8303abbc0fd1-1455573562.JPG1503828908

actual my requirement is need to configure network

                How it possible??

Valued Contributor II
for a requirement like urs... its better you don't use ZD DHCP server bcos its limited feature DHCP server...
anyway, DHCP server will work in the same subnet as controller and will create IP pool from the same subnet...
better you create a new VLAN for guest in your core switch with a IP POOL as per your requirement....