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What is purpose of "Access VLAN" on ZoneDirector IPv4 manual configuration?

New Contributor II

I am familiar with configuring VLANs on switch ports/trunks, but am sorta confused about this option on the ZD1100. Why is it there and what does it do for me? I've never had a device that had a similar configuration option before. My WLAN is operating perfectly, with each user getting assigned to their correct VLAN, so I'm just curious. It's currently set to the same VLAN ID as the ZD's subnet, but I really can't experiment since the WLAN is actively used and I don't want to impact our users.


Contributor II

If you are referencing the ZD's IP address under System, Access VLAN is where you can add a VLAN tag (in case you are tagging the management traffic on the APs).  It's the same thing with the management interface section- you can add a different VLAN tag for that interface if you need it.

I take it from the question that you operate the ZD/AP's management on an untagged/native VLAN on the switchport?  If so, that works too- you'd only need to worry about this if you want to change over to tagged traffic.