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What are the advantages/disadvantages of using ZD vs SZ100???

New Contributor II
Hi guys, thanks for yor help!,
Is there any comprative table about features of ZD (1200, 3000) vs SZ100??, when to use one and when to use the other?? let ́s imagine that the price doesn ́t care and the quantity of licence is not a problem.

For example, in a there any feature that ZD (1200, 3000) has than SZ100? or maybe in  university campus??? or integration with external vendors???

In their experiences...what did you find?

I'm no expert, but 1200 and 3000 are basically the same, just with far different capacities. SZ is a completely different platform that has many of the same features as ZD, but not all... one big one is DPSK. Doesn't exist in SZ (though I hear it's coming in 3.4, maybe?) This is all conjecture since I'm not an insider, but SZ seems to be the forward-looking platform and ZD is legacy.

Also don't forget there is a VM version (vSZ) so you don't even need to buy hardware anymore if you have good VM environment. That's the direction we are going to get off of the now-dead ZD1100. I don't want to put $$ into more hardware only to have it EOLed in two years.

Thanks Jim for your comments!!!

Hi, Another thing SZ has not yet implemented is diagnostic tools, as well as client reports are scalable, but not so convenient. Anyway, you want cheap ZD for small installations, but for anything ZD30000 size you have to think about SZ-100... .