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We are having trouble with the ZoneDirector's Captive Portal

New Contributor II
We have set up a WiFi network using the ZoneDirector, on the network we've activated a captive portal that uses local authentication, unfortunately, there are three issues:
1 - The captive portal does not appear automatically when the user opens the browser if the user's homepage uses HTTPS, devices show an SSL warning, however, this can be skipped if the website does not use HSTS. This problem occurred on all browsers.
2 - On Firefox on about 25% devices - when the user tries to skip the SSL warning or click "I Accept the risk" the page reloads the warning instead of opening up the Captive Portal.
3 - On Google Chrome on about 50% of devices - the browser refuses to open the captive portal or the warning page, instead it shows a page that asks the user to "Connect To Wifi".These problems were discovered as a result of testing on many devices:
1 - Windows 8

2 - Windows 10

3 - Ubuntu 18.4We ran tests on several browsers:1 - Firefox (v37, v63, v66, v65, v67)

2 - Chrome (v70, v73)

3 - Opera (v58)

4 - Edge (v41, v44)

5 - Internet Explorer (v11.37)The second and third problems do not appear on Edge, Internet Explorer and Opera.