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WLAN removed from ZD but AP still retains it - oddity?

Valued Contributor
In response to info from another thread I'm trying to rationalise my numerous WLANs (from 12 down to circa 6).

24hrs ago merged 4 WLANs into 2 in doing so removed WLANs called YELLOW and BROWN.

However today while digging around on an AP noticed that it still retains the WLANs that were deleted.

ZD screnshot with my WLANs (note no YELLOW or BROWN).

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e5135b77e2478d0e52_95fb8f86092b01a53d0066a5e9ee3d7c_NOyellowWLAN_inline-4b1a4653-e398-44a1-9ca1-b453c2e86de8-19063215.jpg1397048001

AP screenshot showing the deleted WLAN still "known" by AP (even if not broadcasting.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e5135b77e2478d0e52_ee88c5c6f3b6f0d49ef4744b86d2c0c2_yellowonAP_inline-5a364382-51bf-42ab-90be-ef44a556c156-1979331742.jpg1397048140

and here's BROWN still showing up on AP

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e5135b77e2478d0e52_7729d3167fcf056818669d9227b80a22_BROWNstillonAP_inline-6266a5b6-3e8a-4816-b928-955c276a4b7b-31007098.jpg1397048560

Haven't rebooted the AP - perhaps that will remove the extraneous WLAN entries.
Does this make sense? Is this a bug? Thoughts.

Valued Contributor
More info:
Upgraded ZD to b17 (from a few days ago.

ps: deleted posts due to realising the firmware numbering weirdness was due to AP retaining a back up image of old firmware. Just worked that out!

Valued Contributor
Now checking the AP from ZD gui...

Image_ images_messages_5f91c40c135b77e247934765_3985428229d15146d1b6bbe75e241234_APfirmwareconflict_inline-65456a0b-7d3b-409e-aa02-5504fd16d238-752604052.jpg1397050693

So ZD thinks AP at different version than the AP reports directly.

Thinking there's a bug here (or I'm just missing something - always possible).

Valued Contributor
After rebooting the AP YELLOW and BROWN WLANs have gone.
So is that expected behaviour? A reboot of APs is required to clear dead WLANs.