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WISPr cross domain scripting feature request.

New Contributor
In trying to customize the captive portal login I came across the WISPr settings.

I want to make a captive portal that has a bit more of a granular control of how the client logs in and redirects so I started to look into writing a WISPr client in javascript for the browser.

The issue is that the client can not request outside of the origin domain unless the server gives permission. I first made a work around using img.src to load the login url into the zone director and this worked but didn't give back the response XML to the browser. Right now I am testing with the WISPr error message containing the javascript and it works well enough to play with but would be hard to manage in a large deployment.

So as a feature request, on the zoneDirector be able to have a custom Access-Control-Allow-Origin header in the WISPr service so a WISPr web client can be written in javascript for the browser using CORS.