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Users Address assignment

New Contributor II
Hi guys. I want to know if I can assign specific address to users connect to SSID configured in some way: we say I have vlan 100 for SSID-100 and I want to assign to user1, to user2 and so on. Can I use inside DHCP server of ZD? Or have I to use radius external server with some setting like framed-ip-address? In this case, how? I red the eap 802.1x mode doesn't support framed-ip-address option from radius and I have to set PPP mode in radius. Anybody can help me in this problem? Thank you.

Valued Contributor II
what i can tell is that ZD DHCP can;t help you in this however firewall do have the ability to reserve specific IP for specific mac address.not sure of other options you mentioned, never tried those

New Contributor II
Hi, AlphaDog and thank you for reply. I cannot do mac address reservation because the users are guests and they authenticate only by user/password. I am able to set freeradius for assigning specific vlan id for users with external dhcp and make vlan-based policy rules with external firewall. The problem is my project is creation 20 different users with 20 different vlan and consequently 20 different dhcp. Instead it would be nice if i could assign speciic IP for each user in the same vlan and to make  ip-based policy rules. So I could use only single vlan and only 1 dhcp. 
Any suggest?  Thank you