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Updating Firmware on ZD1106 ZoneDirector

New Contributor
There has been an issue with our wireless connection dropping. One of the troubleshooting solutions has been a suggestion to update the firmware on our ZoleDirector (which in turn updates the APs). The model is ZD1106 and the Version listed (which I'm assuming is the Firmware version) is build 110. What's the proceduce to do this? Where exactly can I find the correct firmware download? Are there any updates before the latest versiont hat I have to install first?

Valued Contributor
On the download page you will find Release notes of each FW. In it you will find the upgrade path.

You will find it on and you need to have a valid support contract to do this.

Valued Contributor II
Just to be explicit...there is an upgrade path you must follow so this may require multiple upgrades depending on what support asked you to try. This article explains it and pay special attention to the note at the bottom:

New Contributor III
Keith, sorry to jump in here, but why is it when I click that link I get a page that says I need Premium support? I'm a new customer, and paid for premium support.

Valued Contributor II
@slym, this indicates that the support isn't attached to your account. There are unfortunately dozens of ways this can happen. Keep in mind that because we sell through distribution we only have the information provided to us by our resellers and distributors. So if the end-customer information isn't provided with the PO for example, then we don't have a way to associate your account.

If you contact our customer service team ( with the serial number of your controller, the sales order (if you have it) and your resellers name, we can knit it all together.