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Updating Firmware on ZD1106 ZoneDirector

New Contributor
There has been an issue with our wireless connection dropping. One of the troubleshooting solutions has been a suggestion to update the firmware on our ZoleDirector (which in turn updates the APs). The model is ZD1106 and the Version listed (which I'm assuming is the Firmware version) is build 110. What's the proceduce to do this? Where exactly can I find the correct firmware download? Are there any updates before the latest versiont hat I have to install first?

New Contributor
One thing that's a really good idea and will save you time in case of a configuration reset after the firmware update is make sure to back up the current configuration first.

New Contributor II
hi guys..
i just updated my zd1106 to newest fw
everything works fine only some client dc since we're using zero it activation..
but i cannot access the webpage on individual can are reacheable..even the zd is able to connect to all the ap..but i just cant access the webpage for each AP..