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Two SSID, 2 different networks

New Contributor II

I have two different networks and The two networks doesn't have any kind of physical connectivity. I only have port access to the two switches and I do not administer both switches. Is there a way for Ruckus to create 2 SSIDs going to each network?

New Contributor II
Hello Michael and Bill,

Thanks for the replies.

I haven't explored the VLAN capabilities of ZD and ZF and I myself need to understand more VLAN concepts. I am attaching a diagram for better understanding.

All of the switches are VLAN-aware but I don't have management control. In the diagram I only have control over the ZD, ZF and Juniper router. Yes the two networks don't cooperate, they are managed by two different groups.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c409135b77e24792a70f_8f7fefe99a4b2650d08b44d28d2e7454_VNetworkOriginal_inline-0803bb86-83d7-4a59-b934-dee38edea375-1450921460.jpeg1412042535