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This Access Point is not approved/joined yet. Please connect it to proceed configuration.

New Contributor
I am using the ZoneDirector 3025, and I try to configure the access points but whenever i click on "Edit" this message appears " This Access Point is not approved/joined yet. Please connect it to proceed configuration", though the access points are approval.
Does someone know why this message appear ?
Thanks in advance

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi, please check your ZD's Configure/Access Points page, under Access Point Policies, and do you have the box checked to Automatically approve all AP join requests?  If not, go to Monitor/Access Points page, Access Points,
and in the list of APs, to the right, do you see any green check marks?  Click this to Approve an AP waiting to join.
This all assumes you have less than the total 25 APs your ZD3025 can manage. 

Valued Contributor II

This message " This Access Point is not approved/joined yet. Please connect it to proceed configuration",  appears in 2 cases:

1. AP isn't yet approved (automatically or manually).

2. AP was approved, but it has not yet completed configuration cycle.  Usually new AP reboots 4 times before it is ready - main and backup software upgrades to current version, country setting change, mesh mode change -- and it takes some time. If AP have been connected to the same ZD previously, just was deleted, connection happens much faster  -- AP already has proper SW, proper country setting, probably even proper mesh mode - so it may be provisioned immedietly.

Anyway, you must see messages about this AP progress in the lower part of AP Monitoring page.

By the way, if you have not enough AP licenses, than you'll see in the log that AP joining was denied because of no free licenses.

Hope it helps,


New Contributor
Thank you for your response.
For the first AP i use, i have this message. So, it is not problem of the License.
In the Access point table, i have in the case "approved" "Yes", witch means that the access point is approved but when i click on the Edit button the message appears.
I have tested the approval manualy and automatically but the same result.

New Contributor II
Dear Diha

I have the same. Did you get a resolution to your issue ?

Best Regards