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Theres any what to use our own SMS Gateway instead of using Twilio / Clickatell SMS server?

In our company we have a SMS Gateway theres any way to configure the ZD to use our own gateway, in Gui i don't see that option but is possible by CLI ?

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    Currently, only twilio or clickatell SMS gateways are supported with ZoneDirector 9.8/9.9 firmware.  For support of others, please present your business case to your Ruckus account
rep to submit a Field Request on your behalf, to our Product Marketing managers, for their

    For SMS gw configuration (via WebUI) details, see pages 89-90 of the ZD 9.9 User Guide.

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At this point of time yes you can use your own SMS gateway with your own name and title by becoming a reseller or a white label account provided by SMS platform 

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yes ,it is possbile to use our own SMS gateway ,with same name ,title ,with 6 digit sender ID ,API code ,and Database at 

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