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System ZD 1100 USB

New Contributor
I format the USB key which is located at the inner casing of ZD 1100 helped me how can I repair my zone director

Thanks to Harley and Daniel for the good info; I was able to get my dead ZD1100 going again and get the campus WiFi back online.  I used a generic 2GB thumb drive to replace the failed one.  When it goes into Rescue mode, that's when it's helpful to have the serial port connected, so you can see what is happening when the web gui has frozen or timed out.  I also had to resort to to get an image that would not error out due to insufficient memory, but after that I was able to successively update until I got back to 9.8.  We stopped at 9.8 (where it was before the failure) because of the issue with the security file after 9.9 preventing further upgrades, and because we are going to replace this unit ASAP; but at least everything is functioning again, and people can extinguish their scalps because of extreme WiFi withdrawal.

New Contributor
System ZD 1100 USB - FOR THIS I WILL RECOMMEND YOU "Linux", what's more, move it to another USB or microsd card. Everything has exactly the intended effect.and move it to another USB or microsd card. Everything works like a charm. NEED ANY assistance "technical" then dont hesitate to take help from us 

New Contributor II
does this work on zd1200 which is using CF card?

New Contributor II
Have tried 2GB generic usb & fdisk does not seem to do anything 

That's a bit vague - what exactly is the issue & at what step in the process?

When you start FDISK are you seeing a progress window?