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Syslog - Client association username/IP

New Contributor
After upgrade from 9.8 to 10.0, the number of messages showing user/ip sent to syslog has decreased and not all client associations are being passed instantly (or at all) to syslog.

eg: stamgr: stamgr_send_log_v4():operation=add ......."

We rely on this to pass to our Palo Alto for seamless authentication to our wifi.

Has anyone else had this issue or know how to configure the ZoneDirector to pass all client associations to syslog?

log and debug settings:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e8135b77e2478db97c_652da96b18bfc15a541321eeb3386a7a_RackMultipart2018022314552mvtw-53f4e313-7e17-4d07-9583-709cf08cdee5-1485680554.PNG1519349670
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e8135b77e2478db97c_c9a412b630892015c91895169634ef17_RackMultipart20180223229471byn-0f421398-b6de-4bb6-a0d3-fc7887ba4170-1827556784.PNG1519349608

Valued Contributor II
if you are able to recreate this issue in both 9.8 and 10.0 with surety then its a BUG. you must contact support

Was fine in 9.8 but not in 10.0. Will contact support.