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SmartWay Gateway

New Contributor
I upgraded to ZF 9.7 and am attempting to use the SmartWay gateway to direct AirPlay mirroriring from vlan 1 to vlan 6. I have a wired client on vlan 1 that is running Reflector for Windows and an iPad on wireless on vlan 6. The iPad does not show the AirPlay mirroring option. When I connect the iPad to an SSID on vlan 1 it does, but connecting on vlan 6 it does not. In the Bonjour Configuration option in my ZoneDirector I have the service set as AirPlay, the source vlan as 1 and the destination vlan set to 6. I have the "enable bonjour gateway" checkbox checked and applied. Does SmartWay not work redirecting wired mDNS broadcasts to wireless clients or do I just have something configured wrong?

New Contributor III
It does work in this scenario. One thing to know is that the Bonjour Gateway service runs on the ZoneDirector, not on the AP. So you must have access to both VLAN1 and VLAN6 from the ZoneDirector's wired port (must be trunked). Can you confirm that setup?

New Contributor
Are there any guides to setting up the Smartway/Bonjour Gateway? I am looking for tips or best practices for implementing this. I know the ZD needs to be on a "trunked" port, but what about the APs. Seems each switch manufacturer uses slightly different terminology.


New Contributor
Tim, were you able to get this working? I am looking to setup a similar configuration and would like to know the guidelines for setting this up as well.

Thank You,


New Contributor

I went roundy-round with Ruckus Support on this issue, and the final determination was that engineer level folks probably could get this to work with switch config changes, but "out of the box," the Bonjour Gateway added to Ruckus ZD, only works if you MAP BRIDGE TO SSID. That implies that it does NOT work from wireless to wired vlans. See page 83, bottom, of the ZD 9.7 User Guide.

My own question, is "Which "service" in the list available in the BG, applies to printer sharing - NOT Airplay?" Any chance you guys know that one?