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SmartWay Gateway

New Contributor
I upgraded to ZF 9.7 and am attempting to use the SmartWay gateway to direct AirPlay mirroriring from vlan 1 to vlan 6. I have a wired client on vlan 1 that is running Reflector for Windows and an iPad on wireless on vlan 6. The iPad does not show the AirPlay mirroring option. When I connect the iPad to an SSID on vlan 1 it does, but connecting on vlan 6 it does not. In the Bonjour Configuration option in my ZoneDirector I have the service set as AirPlay, the source vlan as 1 and the destination vlan set to 6. I have the "enable bonjour gateway" checkbox checked and applied. Does SmartWay not work redirecting wired mDNS broadcasts to wireless clients or do I just have something configured wrong?

Please note - not Wil, he's my supervisor - company support account!