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Setting up a wireless printer on a network requiring a guest pass

New Contributor
One WLAN in use requires guests to use a guest pass for authentication.  Since these guests are traveling, they do not have a way to print documents from their devices.  I want to setup a wireless printer that their devices will find and then utilize.  

I was looking into setting up Access Control Lists.  Now I have questions.  Will it work? If I put one ACL in place, will it reject all of my guests or do I need an ACL that will allow the guests to continue using the network?  Is this the way to do what I am looking for?


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Hi Mark,

   I updated a knowledge base article, that will appear on Support after the next every 6hr update period. 

Root Cause:

The reason for this issue is that wireless printers do not do webauth. On a Guest WLAN the clients are redirected before they are allowed access, even when there is no authentication on the WLAN there is a redirect that happens. Hence printers will not be able to authenticate and connect successfully.


Create a WLAN with WPA-PSK or Open type authentication, and connect the printer or other non HTTP capable guest resource.


Use a Non-Webauth WLAN on the Guest Access VLAN for non-webauth capable guest resources.

1.  Create a Standard WLAN with WPA PSK,
2.  Connect the printer on this WLAN.
     - Most printers will work with open and WPA enabled WLAN's.
     - WPA2/AES combination is prefered if the printer/device supports it.
For the above scenario, if the Guest user's are placed on a VLAN, then we can allow them to
access the printer by creating a Standard WLAN (with/without auth), tagged with the same
VLAN as the Guest user's.
After connecting the printer to this WLAN on the same VLAN, the Guest user's will be able to
access the printer/other resource.
If a customer wants Full Client Isolation enabled on the Guest WLAN, they will have to allow
the printer's IP address under Restricted Subnets (eg: - this /32 host address
allows only this single IP) to permit/allow the Guests access to the device.

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I recently bought a Brother wireless printer and I have to say that it’s really nice being able to print from my laptop while sitting outside on the front porch. No cables, no being forced to keep my computer in once place, etc. It’s super convenient. That is if your wireless printer works like it should.

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Guest networking supply a way for users to access someone else’s big network with limited permission. Most printers can attach directly to your wireless network. through this, you can print from any area of your house. by visiting Epson Printer Help you can find an easy way to do this. 

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I also got several errors to set up a Wireless Printer regarding user name or password problems as well. The errors appear like Canon Printer Not Responding that must be recovered by the users only.