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Real world benefits of zd1025 firmware upgrade from 8.2 to 9.3

New Contributor II
A school that I'm helping out with is running a ZD1025 with about 20 AP's (16 7942 & 4 7363).

System has been running well for a few years without any noticeable problems. (apart from the very occasional user complaining about drop-outs which is I guess due to client driver configuration).

ZD is running 8.2 firmware

The ZD1025 is now end of life, and the question has been raised - is there any real benefits in :-

a) Upgrading ZD to firmware last available version - 9.3
b) Upgrading from a ZD1000 to a ZD1100 series controller.

(Assuming extra "bells & whistles" i.e. additional functionality not really required)

Any thoughts or personal experiences ?


Valued Contributor II
I'll take b) - The advantage there is you would be able to run our latest software updates and in addition to the bells & whistles, you'd be able to support our newer APs.

There are a lot of features in the newer software releases, but if it's a simple setup and working for their needs...not sure there's a solid argument for the upgrade.

The other consideration I can think of offhand is the version you are running has known security vulnerabilities. but there are workarounds.

Hope this helps!

Valued Contributor
Troubleshooting gets a bit easier with every new FW also.

Maybe get the Premium support for the 1k now, and in about a year upgrade to 1100.