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Problem with LDAP configuration

New Contributor
Hi, I am a technical IT and I am trying to configure LDAP auth in RUCKUS Wireless, but without success.

I configure the ruckus wireless with this data:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3ed135b77e2478eb35f_047d22c9813f179506be90eedcf9281f_RackMultipart201604011085153m3-a16d8204-52e3-4e35-aef1-4e71e0499b92-551066325.png1459534175

I used this same data in other applications with success. But in ruckus wireless the test of authentication fail.

I noticed in the log of LDAP that the ruckus software do many requests. In the first it find:,ou=people,dc=ufca,dc=edu,dc=br

as a result using this filter: 


But after, in a second request it find a error 32 that indicates the target object cannot be found. Using this big filter:


These attributes memberUid, uniqueMember and member does not exist in base LDAP.

In short, because of that the login fail.
I am searching for a solution, who can help me?